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Georgette Garbès Putzel @ TMM creates for the Arts & the Humanities
“together they created a mosaic…” Jim Lowe, Times Argus & Rutland Herald.


Georgette Garbès Putzel, — her acting style is natural, believable, so the audience doesn’t take long to recognize her as a particular mother, a familiar mother, but never a stereotype”. Margaret Harrington Tamulonis, host and producer, CCTV Channel 17, about Georgette as one of the two mothers in ‘Those Mothers’. Playwright: Tina Escaja. Director: Georgette Garbès Putzel.

Georgette does not play Camille Claudel.  She is Camille Claudel, on stage“. Henry Weisntock, in the audience of “Fugato Labile for Camille Claudel“. Actress, Playwright and Director: Georgette Garbès Putzel.

… I have never seen such commitment by a cast to experimental theater in my life.” Gwendolyn Hallsmith, in the audience of ‘Fantasia de Colores’, Sunday October 18, 2015. Playwright: Maura Campbell. Director: Georgette Garbès Putzel.

Theatre Mosaic Mond delivered a beautifully imaginative performance, beautiful and fascinating — and just a bit weird — a beautiful but unsettling experience“. Jim Lowe, Times Argus, October 24, 2015, about, ‘Fantasia de Colores’. Playwright: Maura Campbell. Director: Georgette Garbès Putzel.

…emotionally powerful and intellectually enlightening – Ms. Garbès Putzel’s concept for the play appeals directly to all the senses of her audience and she succeeds in clarifying the script for us. Her stage pictures are sharp, multilayered, and quixotic….The reasons Burlington, Vermont needs this non-commercial, experimental theater is 1) because Mosaic Mond opens a door for the audience into a whole world of ideas, images, questions and answers 2) there is nothing comparable in Burlington because this kind of theatre is not university theatre or conventional theatre 3) Mosaic Mond carries on the global pursuit of the theater artist to lift audiences to new awareness“. Margaret Harrington Tamulonis (host and producer CCTV Channel 17) about ‘Those Mothers’. Playwright: Tina Escaja. Director: Georgette Garbès Putzel.

From moment to moment this play lived and breathed, captured us in its world, educated us, and when it ended we knew we had experienced something unique and amazing. It’s a big subject set on a small stage and the staging and acting were so engaging I felt I didn’t want to be anywhere else for the one hour running time of the play than in that little theatre named The Mosaic Mond. That’s theatre magic, to take the audience in like that and open up our hearts and minds“. Margaret Harrington Tamulonis (host and producer CCTV Channel 17) about ‘Those Mothers’. Playwright: Tina Escaja. Director: Georgette Garbès Putzel


Fugato Labile for Camille Claudel’, was produced in Bucharest and Brussels in 2017. My friend  and wonderful actress Liana Ceterchi played the part of Camille.

‘Fugato Labile for Camille Claudel’ was premiered in Vermont in 2014, in English and French, back to back each night and is available in English and French. “Original script, brilliant use of stage, sets, lighting, and the French performance was like being bathed in soft light and music” Karen Kane, audience at ‘Fugato Labile for Camille Claudel’.  A unique script: as beautiful as all the other scripts, movies, or plays about Camille Claudel can be, the uniqueness of ‘Fugato Labile for Camille Claudel’ is in the fact that it uses Camille Claudel’s own words, and the actual words of people close to her.  The script, which includes visuals, sound and music tracks, is the result of two years of research, with visuals taken by the playwright, from places where Camille lived and died.  The music (some of it created especially by Michel Lajeunesse in collaboration with Georgette ) refers directly to Camille’s own life. Playwright, Actress and Director: Georgette Garbès Putzel.


‘Dear World/Cher Monde’, by Garry Davis, has been published and is available in English and in French. GEORGETTE translates from English into French for the Arts & the Humanities: scripts, dialogues, novels, essays, articles.


The Actor’s LABs are designed so that I can share my training & experience as a theatre artist. My experience & my Master’s degree as a Language Teacher and my interests in architecture, movement, visual arts & words, also come into account when I design a Lab. I believe that Skills can be shared and Talent can be encouraged and nurtured.

Aah thanks for being a great teacher. Andrew and I were talking about how fortunate to have you as a director“. Lisa Ackel Judge and Andrew Judge, actors for ‘Those Mothers’, by Tina Escaja.