THOSE Mothers !

Short slide show

After six wonderful months to prepare, 4 great evenings on stage for Those Mothers.

TMM thanks the cast, the crew and tech, the friends and the audience who made the performances possible.

Some photos are already at the Gallery of this website.  More to come.

They talk about it“.

About Those Mothers:

A world premiere. Experimental staging. A non-linear account of tormented mother/daughter relationships.  A drama with funny moments, pitting sexual repression of the second half of the twentieth century against the more liberal mores of the present day. A secret links the anguish of the mother and the daughter, ostensibly united in their still-evolving pursuit of sexual, reproductive, and intellectual liberation.

Those Mothers, written by UVM Professor Tina Escaja, is adapted for the stage and directed by Georgette Garbès Putzel.  The stage set uses mostly recycled material from Re-Source in Burlington, VT.  The props, costumes, set, and staging of the script keep the audience from connecting the content of the play to any specific time or place; and although it is based on real events in Spain, we navigate across 3 generations from Spain to Anywhere.

Photos and Films: Stephen Pite

More photos (by Jeff Tolbert) on Theatre Mosaic Mond Facebook page.

Translated from Spanish by Leonora Dodge.