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  • 2000-2019    Georgette Garbès Putzel’s  Résumé
  • 2019    I am now on theatre sabbatical, studying the Alexander Technique with Ann Rodiger at the Balance Arts Center in NYC .  Je suis en semi-sabbatique et j’étudie la Technique Alexander avec Ann Rodiger à Balance Arts Center à NY.  More about the A.T. soon. J’en dirai plus sur la T.A. bientôt.
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  • Georgette’s philosophy.

Life is a mosaic; Diversity is essential.
I believe that diversity is essential, in Biology as well as in the Arts, and in Theater. I believe that there is space for each creature and creation, on Earth and on Stage. Diversity is what will keep Theater not only alive but growing well and happy. Diversity at every level. Diversity in the range of choice offered to the audience. And diversity at the level of each creation.
However, what I like to create @ TMM is commercially risk taking. My creations certainly are influenced by my European and North African roots as well as my Canadian and North American experience; in my work @ TMM I am looking for other cultures to be part of the creations. Still, I never aim at marginalizing my work  and my audience because of a specific ethnicity, or class or gender or religion. TMM is simply the product of 3 and more cultures. I don’t want to shock but to disturb the bourgeois habits of stage while not being ex-centric. I hope to bring awareness about different ways to see the world.

  • Theatre In practice: professionalism Without an attitude.

I like when we train, act, create and produce in a professional manner. When no one has “an attitude”. I believe in hard work and creativity. I select the plays without commercial considerations; each selection reflects an artistic and humanistic urge to communicate some important aspect of life. Each play is minutely rehearsed. The creation is at the end a team product. Ultimately, Innovation lies not necessarily in the choice of the play but in the ways to present times.  It is not only what you do but HOW you do it that counts.

  • TMM History

Theatre Mosaic Mond (TMM) was founded by Georgette Garbès–Putzel in 2009 and registered in Montpelier, Vermont as a vehicle for expressly professional theater, an outlet for highly trained actors; she remains its Artistic Director and one of its main actors; she writes and also does set designs and choreography. She loves operating the light board when not on stage. Inspired by her professional training and experience as an actress as well as her love of psycholinguistics, fine arts, architectural design, photography (pinhole black & white), butoh movement,  Georgette always tries to learn more skills and welcomes other creators to join her @ TMM. MosaicMond was created for the Arts & the Humanities with a focus on Diversity and a slant at experimental.  TMM is now on semi-sabbatical.  Contact Georgette: