Camille Claudel ~ her sculptures ~

<< Your sculpture, the Supplicant, is the manifesto for modern sculpture. You were finally “yourself” totally free from Rodin’s influence, as grand in the inspiration as in the craft. The proof of the first edition enriched by your signature is a master piece in my gallery. I never look at it without an unspeakable emotion. It seems to me that I am looking at you. The half open lips, the sensitive nose wings, this light in your eyes – all this screams life in what it has most mysterious. With you we were going to quit the world of false appearances for the one of the thought. What genius! The word is not too strong. How could you deprive us of so much beauty? >> Eugene Blot to Camille Claudel (on stage March 2014), not knowing that she has been in the asylums all this time and will stay there.