acting laboratory


Georgette at rehearsal for Copenhagen (Michael Frayn), and working with the puppet she built.

The LABs are designed so that I can share my experience as a theatre artist. Read what they said about TMM.  Le LAB est conçu en vue de partager mon expérience en tant qu’artiste de théâtre. Voyez ce que l’on dit de TMM

 LABs and Georgette are on sabbatical !  Georgette is learning the Alexander Technique with Ann Rodiger in NYC.  Le LAB et Georgette sont en sabbatique; Georgette étudie la Technique Alexander avec Ann Rodiger à NYC. 

“Skills can be shared. Talent can only be encouraged and nurtured.”    Georgette Garbès Putzel

Jim Lowe (Times Argus, October 24, 2015) about Fantasia de Colores: << Theatre Mosaic Mond delivered a beautifully imaginative performance, beautiful and fascinating — and just a bit weird –a beautiful but unsettling experience >>. 

Gwendolyn Hallsmith ( Sunday October 18, 2015) about Fantasia de Colores:<< I have never seen such commitment by a cast to experimental theater in my life.”>>

Margaret Harrington Tamulonis (host and producer CCTV Channel 17) about Those Mothers: << …emotionally powerful and intellectually enlightening – Ms. Garbès Putzel’s concept for the play appeals directly to all the senses of her audience and she succeeds in clarifying the script for us. Her stage pictures are sharp, multilayered, and quixotic….The reasons Burlington, Vermont needs this non-commercial, experimental theater is 1) because Mosaic Mond opens a door for the audience into a whole world of ideas, images, questions and answers 2) there is nothing comparable in Burlington because this kind of theatre is not university theatre or conventional theatre 3) Mosaic Mond carries on the global pursuit of the theater artist to lift audiences to new awareness >>.

  • LABs. Intensive sessions. Each session: 1 weekend,1 week, 1 week-end.
  • Philosophy: dedication and no attitude.
  • Level: A: Complete beginners.  B: Intermediates.
  • Participants: Diversity in cultures, ethnicities, styles, art forms etc. strongly encouraged.
  • Age: 16 and over.
  • Content: Body & Space, Space & Stage, The actor’s body, Words & Non words, Reaction & Action, Sounds & Images, Drop the Mask, Permanence & Transience of the character, Heart & Spirit of the actor, Scene Work, Movement & Stillness, Discipline & Creativity. 
    • session A/1: —————-.  Registration: before —————–
    • session A/2: —————-.  Registration: before —————–
    • session B/1:  —————   Registration: before —————–
  • Dates:  TBA
  • Cost:  TBA
  • Group: minimum 6, maximum 12.
  • Venue: TMM’s studio in Jericho, Vermont, or TBA.
  • Schedule (Doors of studio will shut sharp on time): 10:00 am/1:00pm and 2:00 pm/5:00 pm and 6:00 pm/8:00 pm each day. 8/9pm: wrap up the day, individual/team projects, study time, discussion, presentations.
  • Meals: Lunch on your own. Diner in group: bring your own or share the meal organized by TMM if all participants agree (Cost TBA).
  • What to wear: souple and not too loose. Indoor shoes with non marking soles. No bear feet. This may change.
  • Language: English and/or French. Depending on participants.
  • Housing if in VT: available for $10/day. Weather permitting you can set up your tent on the premises.
  • Common kitchen and shower available on premises.
  • Deposit (non refundable) at time of registration: $75.
  • Payment to: Theatre Mosaic Mond LLC.
  • 1.802.735.7912  or or use the contact form below.