healing events & audio-descripton

GGP flamenco for JoeHealing Events: Georgette designs and organizes Healing events for families and friends of terminally ill persons. Each event is tailored to the specific needs (in English and French) and dreams of the ill person with the participation of their friends and family.  Georgette involves the family and friends of the person in designing and carrying out of the project. An event can take place at the home of the ill person and last a whole week-end.  The photo to the left was taken during the project “Week-end at Iguana Bay Resort” organized at the home of the person who wanted to have a “week-end at the beach” but could not leave home. It lasted two full days, including “plane trip”, reception at the beach, and all sorts of activities. The request for such an event must come first from the ill person or a close family member. The final decision is taken after a conversation between Georgette and the person concerned.  Each event is as unique as each of us is. Georgette respects your privacy.

Audio-description: Georgette was trained in audio-description, which could be done in French or in English (stage or other visuals.)

Please use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page for either Healing Events or Audio-description.  Thank you.